Victory Forum! Yurii Shulipa about the Anti-Russian Forum

Victory Forum! Yurii Shulipa about the Anti-Russian Forum

The Anti-Russian forum is a Victory Forum! This is what the founder of the Anti-Russian Forum, director of the International Association «Institute of National Politics», Honorary Consul of Ichkeria in Ukraine Yurii Shulipa calls this event.

The Anti-Russian Forum is a completely new event, still unknown to the general public, its name is a bit jarring, and the format is very non-standard, many different questions have appeared, and Yurii Shulipa answered them in great detail:

– about the differences of the Anti-Russian Forum from other forums;

– why is the forum called Anti-Russian and is its activity capable of leading to the dismantling of the Russian Federation;

– about the tasks of the Anti-Russian Forum;

– about the future of the post-Russian space and much more.

As a result, a large informative analytical interview turned out.

By Victoria Kirillova:

Recently, many different cultural and socio-political forums have been held in the USA, Europe and Israel, organized mainly by former or still current citizens of the Russian Federation, political emigrants squeezed out of the Russian Federation by the Putin regime. What are the fundamental differences between the Anti-Russian Forum and other, other forums?

Indeed, there are now many different forums organized by political emigrants from Russia[1]. At the same time, it is important to understand that all forums that are not sanctioned by the Putin regime, in the understanding of representatives of this regime, are already Anti-Russian.

By itself, holding such forums outside of Russia is an important confirmation for the world community that Russia is an authoritarian, fascist, terrorist state in which its representatives persecute citizens for opinions other than those of representatives of the Russian regime.

However, these forums do not lead to success. Because their participants do not often call a spade a spade. Many of the participants in these forums do not have a strategic vision, and therefore they are not able to formulate the correct solution to the problems discussed.

These forums do not talk about the need for Moscow's defeat in the Fourth World Hybrid War. Moscow's modern hybrid war against the West is a variety of different challenges without a boundary between external and internal circumstances, and the main enemy in it is always external, even if the problem arose internally. Highly qualified specialists do not participate in the work of these forums.

They almost do not talk about the need for victory over Moscow, apparently naively assuming that the Putin regime will merge, and instead of it, a «beautiful Russia of the future» will appear out of nowhere. However, we will resolutely stop this stupidity.

So far, only we have developed clear, working formulas for victory, which have already proved their objectivity. Just the fact that other forums do not talk about Moscow's defeat and victory over it confirms their inefficiency, and at the same time the relevance of holding an Anti-Russian forum.

As a rule, other forums work in the mode from forum to forum, and in the intervals between forums, the activity of these events disappears altogether. The Anti-Russian forum is more than a forum. This is a permanent platform for intellectuals from different countries to discuss the issues of Moscow's defeat in the Fourth World Hybrid War and the arrangement of the post-Russian space.

The website of the Anti-Russian Forum contains the highest quality analytical, scientific and educational works. The website of the Anti-Russian forum is a permanent discussion platform operating in the media mode.

For example, the grossest, massive and systematic crimes committed by the Moscow regime against the inalienable rights of the occupied peoples located both within the internationally recognized borders of the Russian Federation and in the zones of Russian occupation are being actively discussed. In particular, how to realize their inalienable right to self-determination.

But it is impossible to save these countries from total genocide and ethnocide without Moscow's defeat in the Fourth World Hybrid War.

Back in March 2016, at one of those forums in Vilnius, I came to the conclusion that Putin's Russia is a corpse that needs to be taken now and carefully buried so that it does not stink. So that this corpse doesn't infect anyone else. So that from the stench of this corpse, his surroundings would not turn into corpses.

To fight against rashism, Russian fascism, is a matter of honor for every person.

Since Putin came to power, Moscow has been working for decades to create a global axis of evil, an alliance of dictators-collaborators-satellites. The world has never known such a dangerous, terrifying, vile and insidious fascist evil as rashism.

Right now, while we are communicating, the Russian-fascist invaders are torturing and killing civilian occupied Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denis Monastyrski has just reported that 23 torture chambers have been identified in the de-occupied territories of the Kharkiv region in which Russian-Fascist invaders and their collaborators tortured and killed civilians.

Why is your forum called specifically Anti-Russian, and for example not Anti-Putin?

This is, perhaps, a key, very relevant question, to which I will try to give a deep and detailed answer.

Yes, because all similar forums that take place outside the Russian Federation are Anti-Putin. All the speakers at these venues are definitely Anti-Putin.

In addition, with Putin's physical disappearance from power and life, the Fourth World Hybrid War against the West will continue, possibly in more aggressive forms. In Russian realities, Putin's disappearance can only suspend the war for a short time, but only to prepare for a new phase of the war.

The name of the forum and, accordingly, the initiative to hold it, is justified by the extremely difficult strategic situation that has developed due to Moscow's criminal aggression. After all, the Anti-Russian Forum is the most important event and a strategic level platform. The Anti-Russian Forum is exactly what the positive public lacked.

Back in September 2014, in his article «The reason for this conflict is the delusions of the West, so the Russians will not give up», one of the ideologists of the Fourth World Hybrid War of Moscow against the West, a colleague of Professor Valery Solovei, Professor Sergei Karaganov described the logic of this war for Russia as a matter of life and death.

In a September interview with Profile, Sergei Karaganov implies that Moscow's waging of the Fourth World Hybrid War is Russia's survival. And further, in his last note of October 27, «We are witnessing the emergence of a new world at the moment of its creation», he concludes: «Russia cannot fail to win this war, although it will be hard for her», thus emphasizing that Moscow is not going to stop the war with the West and this war will be eternal.

Such a signal indicates that Moscow will wage a Fourth World Hybrid War against the West until the end of Russia's existence.

The fourth world hybrid war against the West is the main integral part of Russian domestic and foreign policy.

Now we are eyewitnesses and, in a certain sense, participants in a fierce deadly battle between Moscow and the West. The level of bitterness of this war is clearly evident on the battlefields in Ukraine. The strategic situation gives grounds for the forecast that, following the results of the Fourth World Hybrid War, only the collective West, including Ukraine, or Russia, may remain on the political map of the world out of two subjects. There is no other way.

Hence it is necessary to raise the question more broadly: Either Russia or humanity? There is no other way.

Historically, now and in the future, Russia and the West cannot exist together on the same planet. As the history of the 18th – 20th centuries has shown, the Russian Empire may exist on the map, or its last USSR and the fragmented West (not the West), with some of the countries that were under Russian and then Soviet occupation, through the Kremlin-established collaborative puppet governments that acted with Russia against free Western countries.

Any Russia is always an empire whose borders have changed more often than those of other countries and empires. Russia is either constantly expanding its borders, due to the conquest of new territories, or after its defeat, like a choked worm, it disintegrates and releases the occupied peoples from itself.

Until February 24, 2022, when Moscow relied mainly on non-military means in the war against the West, there were semitones in the fog of war. Now the semitones have disappeared. There is Russian – everything is aggressive, militant, fascist, criminal, evil. Accordingly, there is also Anti–Russian - everything else that opposes all this evil and fights against it.

Russia is a criminal fascist terrorist state entity that poses the main danger to the existence of all mankind. Russia does not recognize international law and universal values.

Let me remind you that on October 13, 2022, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, by its Resolution in paragraph 6, recognized Russian policy as a terrorist policy, and in paragraph 13.7., declared the Russian regime a terrorist regime. In addition, the parliaments of Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and the Czech Republic recognized Russia as a terrorist state. Of course, the practice of recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism and a terrorist state should extend to parliaments of all countries of the world. Such statuses should be assigned to the Russian Federation and the UN General Assembly.

Therefore, from now on, I suggest that all media representatives in their materials, when using the word «Russia», be sure to add the following phrase: «... recognized by PACE and the parliaments of Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and the Czech Republic as a terrorist state».

Russia, this is a great lie! Historically, Russia has not only captured and occupied the states of other peoples, carried out their mass genocide and ethnocide. Russia was redrawing the borders of the territories of the occupied states in order to create enmity between the occupied, colonized peoples with the aim of diverting attention and forces from the national liberation struggle against the evil empire.

Historically, Russia, as well as its predecessor, the collapsed USSR, has never had democracy. Throughout history, none of the peoples who were previously and are now within the internationally recognized borders of Russia voluntarily joined the Russian Federation. Starting from the Moscow kingdom of Ivan the Terrible and up to the present time, without exception, all the peoples whose republics or autonomies are part of the Russian Federation were forcibly occupied and colonized by Moscow. This is an important argument why the Russian Federation should cease to exist.

Look at how Moscow recently tried to annex four more regions of Ukraine. Almost the same way, hundreds of years ago Moscow «collected Russian lands», conquered Siberia and the Caucasus, enslaved other peoples.

The collapsed Russian Empire, the collapsed USSR and the current disintegrating Russian Federation are fascist empires. However, the current modern Russian Federation is the most fascist of them.

The very logic of Russia's existence lies in the constant intensification of the oppression of the occupied peoples within its internationally recognized borders and in the conduct of imperialist wars against other peoples living in the zones of Russian occupation or in the free territories of foreign states.

I am a citizen of Ukraine. And I speak Ukrainian. So, I am already in the understanding of the aggressor, the Anti-Russian element. The head of the Government of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Akhmed Zakayev, appointed me to the post of Honorary Consul of Ichkeria in Ukraine. So, I have once again become an Anti-Russian element.

Every citizen of Ukraine who considers himself a Ukrainian is also an Anti-Russian element in the understanding of the aggressor.

After all, under the legend of «denazification», the aggressor intends to wage war on the physical destruction of every Ukrainian and, accordingly, Ukraine as a state and geopolitical reality.

And in general, what kind of state is this if all its institutions are seized by a conglomerate of bandits and security officers, and they work for the destruction of other peoples and their states?

Many Russian military commissars during the mobilization explain to the mobilized that they are going to kill Ukrainians for the sake of Russia and die for the sake of Russia. This position is a direct confirmation that Russia is a terrorist state. Therefore, for this reason, the terrorist state of the Russian Federation has no right to exist and must be liquidated.

It is necessary to understand an important postulate! The liquidation of Russia is necessary for the Russians themselves for the sake of their physical survival.

Russia must be liquidated as a state, including for the sake of saving the peoples who are under the most severe dictate of Moscow from their destruction. Therefore, everything is Anti-Russian, everything is healthy, something that fights against this universal most terrible evil in the whole world.

In itself, the name of the event «Anti-Russian Forum» is primarily a test of tolerance for Russian fascism (rashism) to the atrocities of the Russian-fascist invaders in Ukraine, Syria, Georgia, Ichkeria and other countries.

It becomes obvious that Russia will pay the price for the Fourth World Hybrid War, incompatible with its existence. This imperialist war must be driven into the Russian Federation by the victory of Ukraine and the West as a national liberation war of the colonized peoples from the Moscow-fascist invaders.

Is the activity of the Anti-Russian Forum capable of leading to the dismantling of the Putin regime and the dismantling of the Russian Federation?

Of course, by itself, none of the current forums, as well as the Anti-Russian Forum, is capable of dismantling the Putin regime and the Russian Federation. For the onset of these long-awaited events for all progressive humanity, the emergence of appropriate conditions and trends is necessary. Conditions have arisen, trends too.

From now on, in the presence of existing trends for Moscow's defeat in the Fourth World Hybrid War, the Anti-Russian Forum should become one of the significant catalysts-accelerators of the dismantling of the Putin regime, the collapse of the Russian Federation and the liberation of colonized peoples.

What are the tasks of the Anti-Russian Forum?

The Anti-Russian Forum aims to solve many different tasks. The primary task of the forum is to call a spade a spade.

The forum has two types of tasks: strategic and tactical.

The main strategic objective of the forum is to influence the process of putting a point in the more than 800–year battle between Kievan Rus and the Golden Horde in favor of the final and irrevocable victory of Kievan Rus over the Golden Horde. Moreover, right now, by the end of 2022, we have become closer than ever before to the final and irrevocable solution of the Moscow issue.

The next task is to show beautiful, and most importantly, the most realistic images of the future of Ukraine, as the main victorious country of Moscow in the Fourth World Hybrid War and the future countries of the post–Russian space. In other words, to form a realistic image of the future. Millions of people in Ukraine, in the Russian Federation and in the world do not see an image of the future, only for one simple reason that no one shows them such an image.

Now it is necessary to reasonably convince the occupied and oppressed peoples of Russian imperialism how much their standard of living, the scope of their rights and freedoms will improve after the disappearance of Russia and the independence of their countries.

It is necessary to present to the residents of the republics that are still part of the Russian Federation projects for the development of their countries after the disappearance of Russia. For example, how Tatarstan, using its natural resources and industry, ceasing to feed Moscow, can develop its foreign economic relations with other countries and in five years become one of the most successful states in the post-Russian space.

It is also important to show the future of Ukraine. What place will Ukraine occupy in the world, in Europe and in the post-Russian space in the foreseeable future.

To solve these two strategic tasks, it is necessary to solve the third strategic task of strengthening the cohesion of the Western community, first of all, for the victory of the West in the Fourth World Hybrid War over the Russian Reich.

The following tasks are tactical level.

In its resolutions, the Anti–Russian Forum will call on the parliaments of all countries of the world to recognize Russia as a terrorist state and a state sponsor of terrorism.

It is necessary to ensure that all countries, and not only the collective West, finally unequivocally and unambiguously called the Fourth World Hybrid War - the Fourth World Hybrid War. It is also necessary that the definition of «The Fourth World Hybrid War» be included in legislative acts and strategic planning documents of foreign states, in educational and methodological manuals. It should be understood that the Fourth World Hybrid war permeates literally all spheres of life: economic, energy, information, cultural, scientific, etc.

Two hundred years ago, the outstanding German military theorist Karl von Clausewitz formulated the famous formula for the correlation of war and politics: «War is the continuation of politics by other means». For two centuries, the Clausewitz formula has not undergone much radical rethinking, but after the verdicts of the main Nuremberg trials of 1946, the policy of the aggressor countries as a factor in the continuation of the war was replaced by crime.

The verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal established that the unleashing of an aggressive war is not just an international crime — it is the gravest international crime, which differs from other war crimes only in that it contains in a concentrated form the evil contained in each of them.

Russia is a terrorist state. The criminal subversive activity of Moscow with its logic and audacity, with a special mentality with its priorities takes place in many strategic spheres of life of foreign states, and actively seeps into the centers of world politics. Since the aggressor countries have replaced the paradigm of crime with the paradigm of politics, accordingly, today the Clausewitz formula should sound in an amended version: «Crime is the continuation of war by other means». From now on, we can only talk about the relationship between crime and war and about crime as a means of waging war.

The general tasks of the Anti–Russian Forum are to strengthen and accelerate the existing Anti-Russian trends. To promote, as indicated in the preamble of the Anti-Russian Forum, the acceleration of Moscow's defeat in the Fourth World Hybrid War, the elimination of Russia as a state entity, the liberation of colonized peoples.

The next task is to assist the international investigation and justice in attributing the atrocities of the Russian-fascist invaders and their accomplices-collaborators committed in the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, in Moldova, in Georgia, in Ukraine, in Syria and in other countries.

Russian aggression, in the broadest sense of the word, against Ukraine will end only after the entry into force of the indictment of the International Criminal Court against Putin and members of his organized criminal group, on the facts of their unleashing a criminal aggressive war and occupation of Ukrainian territories. And only after the entry into force of the indictment of the International Criminal Court against Putin and members of his organized criminal group. There is no other ending to the end of the Russian military aggression, there has not been and will not be. All this must be understood, recognized and realized as a given.

Hence, the next task of the Anti–Russian Forum is to promote the creation of an International Criminal Tribunal for the former USSR in order to ensure that the perpetrators – Putin, his organized criminal group and the Russian-fascist invaders  – are adequately punished for crimes committed in Ukraine and in other countries.

The category of tactical tasks includes the fight against the Moscow enemy agents in the West and, accordingly, with the useful idiots of the Kremlin.

Another of the tasks of the Anti–Russian Forum is the fight against the falsification of the history of the Russian Federation, both inside the Russian Federation and abroad. Because, as I have already noted: Russia is a great lie, while it has never had its own single official historiography. In fact, every Russian ruler has always falsified the history of this evil empire for his own mercantile needs. The real history of Russia has not yet been written, it has yet to be written.

It should be understood that the Anti-Russian Forum will not exist in a forum-to-forum mode. This is a permanent platform, including responding to emerging external challenges.

Summing up, the struggle for peace against Moscow's imperialist war and the oppression of peoples by Russian imperialism is the main task of our intellectual community of the Anti–Russian Forum.

What do you see as the need for an Anti-Russian Forum to bring victory closer?

Despite the fact that there has been a strategic turning point in the 4th world hybrid war in favor of the collective West, Moscow still has quite strong military and intelligence capabilities.

The Russian Federation, as a state, still does not have complete international isolation. This factor allows the aggressor to acquire components for various weapons according to various gray schemes and thereby maintain its military-industrial complex. Germany continues to be the aggressor's first business partner in the purchase of gas, oil and coal, after China and India.

Putin, with the help of his dozens of top agents (proxies) and useful idiots, is looking for any opportunity to put pressure on Ukraine in order to ensure its surrender to Moscow. Moscow is once again using its strategic deep-seated agents from among some corrupt Western politicians. Putin needs at least to consolidate the status quo for a period of 3 to 8 years in order to prepare for a large conventional war in eastern and central Europe. Including for this reason, the urgency of the need for an Anti-Russian Forum is increasing.

The fourth world hybrid war of Moscow against the West revealed many gray areas in the military, legal, cognitive, semantic, informational and other spheres. The Anti-Russian Forum will do everything possible to help eliminate these gaps.

What is the format of the Anti-Russian Forum and who intends to take part in it?

Since the Anti-Russian Forum is a permanent platform, accordingly, it will not be limited to holding one public event. Public congresses are planned to be held every six months. Therefore, each Anti-Russian Forum held will have its own number: 1st, 2nd, 3rd…

The format of the 1st Anti-Russian Forum is hybrid (mixed): online and offline. We do not think that the 1st Anti-Russian forum should be quantitative. The event must be of high quality. The number of speakers is constantly increasing.

Preliminary format of the event: several thematic panels with four speakers. The final format will be approved closer to the beginning of the 1st Anti-Russian Forum after appropriate consultations with all speakers.

The Anti-Russian Forum, without exaggeration, is the most democratic forum of all other forums. Because basically the speakers themselves offer topics for their speeches. Then the forum approves the proposed topics.

Sample topics of the panels: The plan of victory over the aggressor; Russian fascism – a threat to all mankind; Personal liquidation; Contours of the future post-Russian space; The trial of Putin, etc.

Prominent experts, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, public opinion leaders, leaders of diasporas of the indigenous peoples occupied by the Russian Federation will participate in the work of the Anti-Russian Forum. Basically, these are active people who have achieved positive results in their fields of activity, in particular in the field of security, defense and politics.

The list of speakers is posted on the website of the Anti-Russian Forum, and it is constantly being updated.

When and where should the 1st Anti-Russian Forum take place?

The 1st Anti-Russian Forum will be held at the end of the 1st decade of December in Kiev.

Do you believe in alternative power, or in legitimacy?

No. Alternative legitimacy is a fairy tale for the naive. In rigid authoritarian systems like the Russian one, power can only be real. And power those who have weapons and their own armies have it.

By the way, as far as I know, Putin and his entourage are partly mentally grateful to the Moscow liberda (Moscow liberals, ed.), although they are despised in their hearts, for the fact that the so-called leaders of public opinion appointed by the Murzilka administration in the protest environment have been convincing their fans for decades not to resort to violent actions against the authorities.

After the large–scale conventional phase of Moscow's war against Ukraine, the Moscow liberda, or to be more precise, the garbage liberda that creates information garbage, was squeezed out of serious discourse due to the disappearance of semitones.

Let me remind you that all the alternative legitimacy projects since 2008, from the National Assembly, the Coordinating Council of the Russian Opposition and to the Free Russia Forum, have not led to the strengthening of Anti-Russian and Anti-Putin positions, both in the Russian Federation and in the world, but in general any positive results.

Now, first of all, it is necessary to make maximum efforts aimed at defeating Moscow in the Fourth World Hybrid War, and not to play a parallel reality. This game takes time and is not good for mental health.

Comment on the statement of one Russian woman who calls herself an oppositionist that those who participate in such Forums, which contain calls for armed resistance, they recognize terrorism by default

First, any nation has an inalienable right to revolt against despotism and oppression. This also applies to the occupied peoples of the Russian Federation, and those peoples whom the Russian Federation is trying to occupy by waging an aggressive war against them.

Secondly, we will proceed from the status quo. The Fourth World Hybrid War of Moscow against the West is underway, carried out primarily in Ukraine by terrorist methods and methods.

This statement can only be regarded as coming from misguided people ignorant of politics and law, or from enemy agents of the criminal terrorist Putin regime, and possibly from the finished evil scoundrels. If this is a delusion, then it is a manifestation of the Stockholm hostage syndrome of the Russian regime.

I have already reported that PACE, as well as the parliaments of Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and the Czech Republic have recognized Russia as a terrorist state.

Tens of thousands of residents of Ukraine were brutally murdered by the Russian-Fascist invaders. The nature of Moscow's war against Ukraine is fascist and terrorist. Moscow commits numerous particularly grave crimes punishable under international criminal law as a means of waging war against Ukraine.

In psychology, the erroneous perception of the internal for the external is called projection. Things happen. Consequently, those Russians who pay their taxes, fines and other levies to the treasury of the Russian Federation, they support terrorism by default and are sponsors of terrorism, both domestic and international. And this, among other things, is one of the reasons why a total ban on entry into the countries of the collective West should be in effect for all Russians. Therefore, the rest of the adequate Russians should welcome the activities of the Anti-Russian Forum and, if possible, provide the forum with all possible support.

And those Russians who do not help such events will atone for collective guilt in front of Ukraine and the world community with their individual blood in the truest sense of the word.

What in your opinion should be the future of Russia, or the post-Russian space?

After Moscow's defeat in the Fourth World Hybrid War in Ukraine, this war, unnoticed by most people, should flow into an internal war within the Russian Federation. This is the main most probable scenario.

Russia is gradually ceasing to exist as a state, it will be excluded from the UN. The process of creating a new architecture of international security and international law will begin. The place of the Russian Federation as a permanent member of the UN Security Council is occupied by Ukraine. As permanent members of the UN Security Council and at the same time the victorious countries in the Fourth World Hybrid War, Ukraine will be present, as well as those already present since the beginning of its creation: the United States and Great Britain.

Perhaps, following the results of the Fourth World Hybrid War, the UN Charter will undergo changes and at least the so-called «veto right» will be abolished, and the composition of the UN Security Council will be expanded. The UN Security Council will include the Baltic States and Poland. Then, by a resolution of the UN Security Council, a Temporary International Transitional Administration will be established in the post-Russian space, and an international transitional justice will be established.

A special International Criminal Tribunal for the former USSR will be established. Putin, his organized criminal group, as well as the bulk of the Russian-fascist invaders and their collaborators will inevitably be condemned. I predict that with a 90% probability Putin will not live to see his upcoming trial, he will be physically eliminated after Moscow's military-strategic defeat in Ukraine. With a probability of 90%, high-ranking Putin's security forces will be liquidated, or will leave this world for natural reasons.

But this does not mean that the dead are not judged. In any case, Putin and all those who, one way or another, participated with him in planning, preparing, unleashing and waging the Fourth World Hybrid War, those who will not live to see the trial, they should be sentenced posthumously. Their posthumous condemnation is necessary in order to ensure the non-repetition of the war and the restoration of the empire of world evil.

In parallel, an international transitional justice should be established in the post-Russian space. His competence and limits of activity are issues for discussion at the Anti-Russian Forum.

According to our modest preliminary estimates, there are more than three million different particularly dangerous military, state and other criminals both in the internationally recognized borders of the Russian Federation and in the zones of its occupation. And this is a very serious threat not only to the post-Russian space. This is a threat to peace and international security, which should be stopped in the near future with the support of the international community.

The Interim International Transitional Administration should provide guarantees for the realization of the rights of the peoples of the post-Russian space to self-determination, clean up the newly formed authorities from the penetration of criminal elements, accomplices and servants of Putin's criminal terrorist regime. Also, the Interim International Transitional Administration should provide security guarantees in the post-Russian space and, in particular, be ready to stop possible attempts of Moscow's geopolitical revanchism to reoccupy neighboring territories.

And then, the implementation of the 7-d program: deimperialization, defascization, decommunization, denuclearization, demilitarization, deputinization and dedebilization of the post-Russian space.

In your opinion, should the countries of the post-Russian space be responsible for Moscow's war against Ukraine?

Yes, they should. The countries of the post-Russian space will pay subsidiary reparations to Ukraine and other countries affected by Russian aggression, depending on the amount of damage caused, and cooperate with international and Ukrainian criminal justice in order to extradite Russian-fascist invaders to the international tribunal and Ukraine.

To be continued

Victoria Kirillova, especially for Сyprus Daily News

[1]Russia is recognized by PACE, the parliaments of Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and the Czech Republic as a terrorist state.


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