Yurii Shulipa - Biography

Yurii Shulipa - Biography

Yurii Y. Shulipa

Born on June 8, 1979. Public and political figure, Russian and Ukrainian lawyer, human rights defender, publicist, political expert[1].

Personal qualities: motivated, systematic, adheres to rules and principles, loves and implements a professional approach in everything, technocratic, very ambitious, always achieves the solution of tasks.

Bad habits: none.

Languages spoken: speaks English, Polish, Slovak, Ukrainian and Russian.

1. in Russia

1.1. Education

1. Secondary School of educational complex No. 1619 in Moscow. Year of graduation: 1994.

2. Automobile and Road College named after A. A. Nikolaev. Year of graduation: 1999. Qualification: mechanical technician. Specialty: technical operation of cars.

3.Moscow automobile and Road Institute (State Technical University). Year of graduation: 2002. Qualification: mechanical engineer. Specialty: Automobiles and automotive industry.

4. Moscow Academy of border troops. Year of graduation: 2007. Qualification: lawyer. Specialty: Law. Specialization: theory of state and law.

5.Postgraduate Studies at the State University – High School of Economics (HSE) under the Government of the Russian Federation. Year of graduation 2010. Dissertation research topic: «legal and organizational support of presidential control over the activities of law enforcement agencies»[2].

1.2. Author's project

Author of the All-Russian federal project «monitoring auto justice»[3].

1.3. Research interests

Administrative, constitutional and public international law, international security, military and national security, military and political situation in the post-Soviet space and in the countries of the Collective West, strategic forecasting and planning, strategic intelligence of the future.

1.4. Labour activity

1. 2002 – 2005. Industrial company KEM LLC. Position: Director of Transport and Logistics Department.

2. 2005 – 2006. Management of the Affairs of the President of the Russian Federation. Position: Director of Department.

3. 2007 – 2008. Academy of Security, Defence and Law Enforcement Problems. Position: Advisor to the President on State and Legal Issues.

4. 2008 – 2010. Republican Bar Association. Position: Senior legal adviser.

5. 2010-2014. Interregional consumer organisation «Society for the Protection of  Car Owners Rights». Position: Director of the Legal Department.

1.5. Public and political activities

1. 2010-2012. All-Russian organisation «Federation of Car Owners».

Positions: Coordinator for Legal, Judicial and Expert Issues;

Head of the Commission for Countering the Illegal Conspiracy of the Traffic Police and the Courts[4].

2. 2012-2014. Interregional organisation «Association of Car Owners». Position: Coordinator and legal adviser.

3. 2012-2014. Interregional organisation for the protection of the rights of victims of apartment banditry «Antiraider». Position: Coordinator and legal adviser.

4. 2011-2014. Public organisation «Housing Initiative». Position: Coordinator-legal adviser, coordinator of the protection of the rights of defrauded shareholders.

5. 2010-2013. Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. Position: Member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the 4th composition.

6. 2012-2014. State Duma of the Russian Federation. Position: Member of the working group of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building on the development of amendments to administrative legislation.

7. 2012. Candidate for the Presidential Human Rights Council[5]. However, the candidacy of Yurii Shulipaas a member of the Presidential Human Rights Council was not officially approved. YuriiShulipa began to fight for his rights to membership in the Human Rights Council. On 11 September 2012, YuriiShulipa filed a lawsuit in the Savelovsky District Court of Moscow against Mikhail Fedotov, an advisor to the President of the Russian Federation, demanding that he not be obstructed in his access to public consultations on his confirmation as a member of the HRC[6]. However, he faced unprecedented pressure from the Putin administration on Judge Koroleva[7]. As a result, YuriiShulip's lawsuit against Mikhail Fedotov disappeared in the Savelovsky Court of Moscow, and the police and bailiffs refused to investigate the crime[8].

8. 2014. Candidate for deputy of the Moscow City Duma in the 4th single-member constituency of Moscow[9].

9. Member of the Expert Council of the Russian Opposition[10]. From 2011 to 2014, he took an active part in protest actions in Russia[11]. Organiser of a number of protest actions in Moscow, including those in support of Euromaidan and Ukraine's European and Euro-Atlantic course[12].

2. In Ukraine

2.1. Goal setting

In 2015, he became a Ukrainian citizen. «In order to lift the Russian occupation of Crimea and eastern Ukraine, Yuriidecided to obtain Ukrainian citizenship. He needs it, as he says, "to initiate a criminal case against Putin and his gang and to represent Ukraine's interests in international bodies»[13].

2.2. Public, political and expert activities

According to the Youcontrol portal, from 2016 to the present, Yurii Shulipa has been the head of the following organisations in Ukraine[14]:

· Non-governmental organization (NGO) «Institute of Russian Aggression Research». Position: Director.

· Charitable Foundation «International Foundation for Effective Democracy». Position: Director.

· International Union «Institute of National Politics». Position: Director.

· Information publication «National Politics». Position: Editor-in-Chief.

· NGO «Polish Centre». Position: Director.

By the Resolution of the Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Akhmed Zakayev No. 034 of 02 June 2022, Yurii Shulipa was appointed Honorary Consul of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in Ukraine[15].

2.3. Information and educational activities

He is (was) regularly published in the following information publications: Glavred[16], Glavkom[17], LIGA.net[18], Echo of Moscow[19], Obozrevatel.com[20],

· Korrespondent.net[21], UA.INFO[22], Channel 24[23], Inforesist[24], CyprusDailyNews[25], etc.

· Commentator on military and political events for the Russian service of the «Voice of America»[26].

· He acts as an expert on YouTube channels Newsader[27], SobiNews[28], FREEDOM[29].

2.4. Published works

2.4.1. 6 scientific and practical manuals

· Yurii Shulipa. Guidance during the inspection for the entrepreneur (scientific and practical manual) (Moscow - 2007), LAP Publishing House, ISBN-13 978-620-2-07133-8;

· Yurii Shulipa. Administrative responsibility requires systemic changes (scientific and practical manual) (Moscow - 2011), LAP Publishing House, ISBN-13 978-620-0-44273-4;

· Yurii Shulipa. Judicial monitoring to protect the rights of car owners (scientific and practical guide) (Moscow - 2012), LAP Publishing House, ISBN-13978-3-659-54887-1;

· Yurii Shulipa. Administrative and jurisdictional activities of the State Tax Service employees and judges (scientific and practical manual) (Moscow - 2012), LAP Publishing House, ISBN-13 978-620-0-44400-4.

· Shulipa Y., Lednyk I., Beletsky I., Bagrova M.. The Budapest Memorandum: Guarantees and Opportunities for Ukraine (under the general editorship of Y. Shulipa in co-authorship) (K. - 2019), LAP Publishing House, ISBN-13: 978-3330026353.

· Shulipa Y. Y. Putin's military plans against Ukraine for 2021: A report and forecast / Shulipa Yurii Yuriiovych. 29.04.2021, signed for publication on 02.07.2021. Stylos Publishing House (K. - 2021). ISBN 978-966-2399-70-7, LAP Publishing House, ISBN 978-620-6159-46-9.

2.4.2. 2- and popular science books·        

Yurii Shulipa. Ukraine: from Euromaidan to Donbas (chronology of the national liberation struggle through the eyes of Moscow lawyer Yuriy Shulipa), 1st edition.   K.: Alfa Advertising, 2016. ISBN 978-966-2477-, LAP Publishing House ISBN-13: 978-365-9949-53-1;·        

Yurii Shulipa. Ukraine: From Euromaidan to Donbas (Chronology of the National Liberation Struggle 2013-2016), 2nd edition, corrected, supplemented and updated. K.: PH "Monday", 2017. - 534 p. ISBN: 978-1-6921-2551-6; LAP Publishing House ISBN: 978-3-330-00230-2.   2.4.3. 2-nd monographs·        Shulipa Y. Y. The Future of Donbas according to the Steinmeier Formula: a monograph / Shulipa Yurii Yuriiovych; Information publication «National Politics» – Publishing House – «Interservice», Kyiv - Berlin 2020. - 336 с. Edition 1. ISBN: 978-617-696-913-6. LAP Publishing House ISBN: 978-620-0-53540-5. ·        

Shulipa Y. How Putin Kills Abroad, monograph / Shulipa Yurii Yuriiovych; Information publication «National Politics» – Publishing House «Stylos», Kyiv - Berlin 2021. - 492 с. Edition 1. ISBN 978-966-2399-68-4.

2.4.4. 8 scientific and practical reports

· Yurii Shulipa: On the necessity of Ukraine's implementation of international legal personality. 18.11.2019. International Union «Institute of National Politics» - official website[30].

· Yurii Shulipa: Council on ORDLO is a hybrid surrender of Ukraine 03.04.2020. «LIGA Business Inform» news agency[31].

· Yurii Shulipa: On the need to ratify the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. 14.10.2020. International Union «Institute of National Politics» – official website[32].

· Yurii Shulipa: Tactical and strategic plans of the aggressor against Ukraine. 28.05.2022. Information publication «Сyprus Daily News»[33].

· Yurii Shulipa: Which international criminal court should try Putin and the Russian fascist invaders for crimes in Ukraine. 12.04.2022.  Information publication «Сyprus Daily News»[34].

· Yurii Shulipa: Military Plan for Ukraine's Victory When will Ukraine fully liberate the occupied territories? Report and forecast. 14.09.2022. Information publication «Cyrus Daily News»[35].

· Yurii Shulipa: Facets of the Great Victory: Forecast of Strategic Events. Bucha, 8 December 2022. «Anti-Russian Forum» – official website[36].

· Yurii Shulipa: Why does the aggressor suffer small losses in manpower? 07.02.2023. «Anti-Russian Forum» – official website[37].

2.4.5. More than 400 publications on Ukrainian-Russian relations

2.4.6. Publications and interviews in English

· Yurii Shulipa: Germany must stop supporting Moscow and redeem its historical guilt related to Ukraine. 27.01.2022. Information publication «Syprus Daily News»[38].

· Yurii Shulipa: The Camp David tragedy of millions, should never happen again. 03.02.2023. Publisher: «Сyprus Daily News»[39].

· An Interview with Yurii Shulipa. Interview Yurii Shulipa to the Chief Editor of the American magazine «The Global Cosmopolitan».20.09.2023. Publisher: Claire Berlinski[40].

h - index 1[41].

2.5. Professional assessments of military and political events

After analysing the potential challenges associated with the foreign policy of the Russian Federation, YuriiShulipa in his monograph «The Future of Donbas under the Steinmeier Formula» concludes that the inclusion of the Steinmeier Formula in Ukrainian legislation is «incompatible with the geopolitical existence of Ukraine as an independent state and a subject of international law».

The inclusion of the formula in Ukrainian legislation, according to the study, will lead to:

– a de facto rejection of the recognition of security as the highest social value in Ukraine, contrary to the Constitution;

– negative consequences related to the inability of the state to fulfil its legislative obligations to ensure military, public and state security, which again contradicts the Constitution and the Law «On National Security of Ukraine».

In addition to harming the national security interests, economy and legal system of Ukraine, the author argues that the adoption of the Steinmeier formula could lead to a significant deterioration of the socio-political situation in the European Union, at least in terms of a significant increase in the flow of refugees from Ukraine.

Moreover, as noted in the study, the undermining of Ukraine's sovereignty could lead to the beginning of the so-called «parade of sovereignties», the emergence of various local internal conflicts provoked by Russian agents, the relocation of the theatre of operations to territories free of Russian occupation, and, ultimately, to the gradual disappearance of Ukraine as a subject of international law.

Since the legal cannot be based on the illegal, the author believes that all documents based on the Minsk agreements, whether the Normandy Protocols, the Steinmeier formula, etc. are illegal. Moreover, the author believes that those who signed such documents and those who gave them instructions to sign them are criminal offenders[42].

In his monograph «How Putin Kills Abroad» YuriiShulipa came to the following conclusions: «the killing of people outside Russia is an integral and integral part of domestic and foreign policy»; «no country in the world conducts such large-scale, systematic and coordinated subversive activities on the territory of foreign states against their values, sovereignty and territorial integrity as Putin's Russia»; «Vladimir Putin is waging a fourth world hybrid war against the collective West»[43].

On 27 August 2021, Ukraine Crisis Media Center hosted a presentation of Yurii Shulipa's work «Putin's Military Plans Against Ukraine for 2021»[44].  Later, from

the end of November 2021, all the world's leading politicians began to talk about Putin's plans for a large-scale attack on Ukraine.

2.6. Titles

· By the decision of the members of the professional community of lawyers and lawyers «Pravorub» of 26.08.2011, he was awarded the honorary badge «Knight of Law».

· By the decision of the Board of the International Union «Institute of National Politics» No. 112 dated 02 April 2021, Yurii Shulipa was awarded the title of «Professor of the International Union "Institute of National Politics» for special achievements in scientific, practical, journalistic and educational activities, for the preparation of the monographic study «How Putin Kills Abroad».

2.7. Awards

· Certificate of Honour from the International Union «Institute of National Politics» for the preparation of the monographic study «How Putin Kills Abroad».

· Acknowledgement of the Consul General of Poland in Ukraine Rafał Wolski and Member of the International Society of Polish Entrepreneurs in Ukraine Iryineusz Derek of 28 June 2015 for preserving national memory.

· On 05 June 2019, he was awarded the commemorative medal «For Dignity and Patriotism» by the religious community «Mission Sky».

2.8. Marital status


2.9. Interesting information about professional activities

1. On 30 March 2007, thanks to the assistance of Yurii Shulipa, for the first time in Russia, an electric car converted by Igor Korkhov from a conventional car received a conclusion on admission to road traffic and was registered with the State Traffic Police[45].

2. Introduced into the scientific and practical lexicon the definition of «Judicial monitoring» as a generic concept, including its varieties[46].

3. In their research, Russian scientists from St. Petersburg State University called Yurii Shulipa's journalistic material an example of the use of discrediting-self-presentation tactics based on «creating a dichotomous picture of the world»[47].

4. Through the court, on the basis of a ruling of the Shevchenkivsky District Court of Kyiv, the authorised person of the Main Investigation Department of the Security Service of Ukraine was obliged to enter into the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations information on the commission of criminal offences against senior representatives of the authorities of the Russian Federation who, by prior conspiracy, changed the borders of the territory of Ukraine by annexing the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and disseminated materials calling for such actions. On 24 October 2019, at the request of Yurii Shulipa, the Main Investigation Department of the Security Service of Ukraineopened criminal proceedings against Russian President Vladimir Putin, 166 Russian senators, 445 State Duma deputies, 19 judges of the Constitutional Court, the Ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs, Russian Permanent Representative to the UN and Putin's aide V. Surkov, on the facts of participation and complicity in the annexation of Crimea and the unleashing of an aggressive war in eastern Ukraine. In total, 630 Russian officials, headed by President Putin, are under investigation[48].

At the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022, the website of the Cypriot news and analysis publication Cyprus Daily News published three large review interviews with Yuriy Shulipa about the activities of Russian agents in Ukraine.

2.10. Author of 4 documentary films

· Anatomy of Annexation. A documentary film by Serhiy Pilguy, Konstantin Borodin and Yurii Shulipa (co-authored) about the annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea by the Russian Federation. 16.04.2014[49].

· Why is Valeriy Solovey lying about Crimea? YuriiShulipa, specially for SobiNews[50].

· «FRIENDS» of Valeriy Solovey. Putin's military strategists. 08.10.2021[51].

· Why is Putin's trial inevitable? Film by YuriiShulipa.19.10.2021[52].

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2.12. Additional information

· Page «Yurii Shulipa» in the electronic encyclopaedia «Cyclopaedia»[53].

· The page «Yurii Shulipa» on the official website of the International Union «Institute of National Politics»[54].

· Page «International Committee of Lawyers and Politicians for the Budapest Memorandum» on the website of the International Union «Institute of National Politics»[55].

· Olena Yelisieieva. Open letter to the journalist of the radio station «Echo of Moscow» Yurii Shulipa. «Newsland»[56].

· Programmes featuring Yurii Shulipa on the YouTube channel «Newsader». YouTube channel «Newsader».  [Electronic resource]. - access mode: https://www.youtube.com/c/Newsader-tv/search?query=%D0%A8%D1%83%D0%BB%D0%B8%D0%BF%D0%B0

· German online store «Sea of Books». [Electronic resource]. - Access mode: https://www.morebooks.de/gb/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=%D0%A8%D1%83%D0%BB%D0%B8%D0%BF%D0%B0

2.13. Comments from human rights defenders

· Writes (goldencapricorn) 2013-08-27 19:56:00: «working groups in different areas have not yielded serious results. Shulipa tried to do something, if I'm not mistaken, on the rights of motorists. His work, in my opinion, made sense, although I cannot assess the results»[57].

· The deputy lawyer Yurii Padalko wrote on 30.12.2013 at 12:03 in his LiveJournal: «both in the first and subsequent cases of our communication with Yurii, it was not only mutually respectful, but, most importantly, rarely mutually evident when discussing the most complex problems of criminal procedure and the social and state system. After communicating with my namesake and studying his works online, I came to a deep conviction that Yurii is a competent, and, most importantly, independent and creative legal professional» [58].

· Georgy Badin, a well-known human rights activist from Yekaterinburg, wrote. 25.09.2012 at 11:20 AM in his LiveJournal: «from time to time I have come across competent, sensible messages signed by Yurii Shulipa on the Internet. Last winter I managed to meet him. Personal communication did not change my impression, but only confirmed me in the opinion that my colleague is a very intelligent lawyer who sometimes expresses very original, but almost always reasonable proposals and initiatives. For me, communication with him was very useful»[59].


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