Yurii Shulipa: The Camp David tragedy of millions, should never happen again

Yurii Shulipa: The Camp David tragedy of millions, should never happen again

The Third World Cold War of the USSR against the US and the Collective West, began in 1946 and formally ended on February 1, 1992, with the signing of the Camp David Declaration by russian presidents[1] Boris Yeltsin — a new subject of international law that emerged after the collapse of the USSR and — USA J.Bush.

[1] Russia is recognized by PACE, NATO PA, COSAC, European Parliament, parliaments of Ukraine, Lithuania,  Latvia, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands are terrorist state and state sponsors of terrorism.

Thirty-one years have passed since the signing of this document. The time has come to make a proper, detailed assessment of this historic event.

Historical archival photo: Boris Yeltsin and George Bush at the joint signing of the Camp David Declaration on a New Relationship. USA, Camp David, 01.02.1992.

At a joint press conference, the two leaders declared the end of the cold war and the beginning of a new era in the relations between the two countries.

What is this document about? About new relationships.

The historical wording of paragraph 1 of this document reads: «Russia and the United States do not see each other as potential adversaries. Their relations are now characterized by friendship and partnership based on mutual trust, respect and a common commitment to democracy and economic freedom».

Time has nullified the value of this formulation and has proved exactly the opposite, and most importantly the absurdity, danger and subsequent tragedy of this event for millions of people. In fact, on the part of the US, this declaration was an act of oblivion of the soviet imperialist atrocities. The US and, in part, the Collective West have de facto created the rationale for zeroing in the efforts of the entire Collective West, anti-soviet dissidents, and all fighters against the oppression of soviet imperialism, geopolitical revanchism, and expansionism, with the soviet threat of Moscow against the Collective West.

By signing the Camp David Declaration with the newly created russia, the US itself laid the foundations for a new world imperialist war Moscow against the Collective West. Francis Fukuyama proclaimed the end of history and the ultimate victory of capitalism, thus frankly deceiving Western governments and millions of people.

The very fact of signing this document in informational – propaganda plan put the United States and the russian federation on the same level, which was subsequently interpreted by representatives of the russian state and rospropagades for millions of people, as an act of recognition of the russian federation by the United States of equal importance «super power». In the history of the United States, it was one of the most insane, strategically flawed, and blatantly criminal documents.

By signing the Camp David Declaration, the US signed that there was no proper foreign policy strategy in the post-soviet area, and that led to a new imperialist war against itself and its allies.

Instead of the Camp David Declaration: What should the US and its allies have done after the collapse of the USSR?

As of 1992, the West had a historical example — the 3rd Reich. The former USSR was to follow the fate of the 3rd Reich, but with few exceptions. Unlike the 3rd Reich, the former USSR was an imperialist colony for hundreds of centuries of enslaved peoples. The 3rd Reich was in many ways more vegetarian than the former Soviet Union.

At a minimum, with the support of the United States, Western and other coalition countries, was to be accepted a United Nations Security Council Resolution, or the UN GA established a special international tribunal for the former USSR.

This tribunal was to convict the most serious crimes of the Soviet regime on the facts:

1) planning, preparation, initiation and conduct of the 2nd World War together with the 3rd Hitler Reich — those soviet crimes, which were left unattended by the Nuremberg Tribunal, were to be committed to the Tribunal for the Former USSR;

2) the Great Internal Terror of 1927-1953;

3) the temporary occupation of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, occupied by the former USSR under cover of the Warsaw Pact Organization after the official end of World War II from May 8, 1945 to 1989;

4) Suppression of the 1986-1991 popular uprisings in the countries of central and eastern Europe, and in the former colonies of the former USSR.

There should have been widespread condemnation of Soviet Moscow imperialism. The post-soviet space had to be completely denuacialized, demilitarized, decommunized and necessarily de-imperialized.

A total lustration of all former Soviet officials was to be carried out, with a lifelong ban on holding any state or municipal office.

It was necessary to give centuries of colonized peoples the opportunity to exercise their inalienable right to self-determination. The VCHK-OGPU-NKVD and the KGB were to be recognized as terrorist organizations, and forever banned. One cannot build a positive future without condemning a criminal past. In order to implement these measures, the United Nations General Assembly resolution in the post-soviet area should have established a temporary international transitional administration and transitional justice. For the real achievement of peace and security, the post-Soviet space had to be taken under external control for at least 10 years.

These measures would prevent future Russian-Chechen, Russian-Georgian, Russian-Ukrainian Russian-Syrian and other wars involving russia.

Instead of condemning the aggressor of the former USSR and punishing its existential enemy, liberating colonized peoples from the yoke of Moscow imperialism, the former US leadership childishly withdrew from this great historical mission.

This leads to the conclusion that in 1991, the evil empire did not disintegrate. The evil empire half-decayed!

Fundamentally, tectonically, and in a certain sense actually, the USSR is falling apart right now.

It is common knowledge that the US leadership initially did not want to see the USSR dissolve, but at the same time sought to restrain Soviet expansion, to reboot relations and to democratize the USSR relatively, that because of the nature of this colonial empire, all attempts by the US in these directions were initially doomed to failure.

Numerous sovetologists and useful idiots of the Kremlin deliberately ignored the following fact. Throughout the history of so-called «Russia», in whatever form it may be: the russian federation, the USSR, or the russian fmpire, the peoples who were forcibly part of it, were subjected to genocide and enslavement, the presence of these peoples in this empire was the result of their oppression, the extermination of ethnic elites and the occupation of their lands.

According to the logic of the disintegration of empires, if it is a matter of pure disintegration, no russian federation should have arisen in 1991. Not only Ichkeria, but also Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Yakutia and other republics were to remain in place of russia. Their statehood should have been recognized by the international community.

Oh Gorby zombie!

Prior to the shameful legal and political stance of the Camp David Declaration was Western politicians’ frankly insane decision to nominate former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Back then, in the late 1990s, it looked like the collective madness of the West, unquantifiable in terms of objective logic and common sense.

And now, from the point of view of the past years, all this is even more perceived as the worst madness of the West, when Western politicians «wearing pink glasses» in a single insane ecstasy shouted «Gorby! Gorby!». This call «Gorby!» the late 1980s and early 1990s were the clearest sign of collective schizophrenia, the mental infirmity of the Western civilized world.

Indeed, this event can be characterized by the famous phrase of Jesus before his sacrificial crucifixion: «They do not know what they are doing» (Luke 23:34).

October 15, 1990 — Mikhail Gorbachev was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. At the same time, six months earlier, on Gorbachev’s order in April 1989, the soviet army, during the suppression of peaceful protests in Tbilisi, had organized a brutal massacre. 19 dead and 250 wounded. Then, by order of Gorbachev, on June 19, 1989, in Kazakhstan, in New Uzen there was a forceful suppression of the anti-Soviet uprising. As a result, several people died.

Anti-soviet New Martyrs have appeared, putting themselves on the crucifixion of soviet fascism, in order to free their peoples from the burden of the soviet occupation and the Moscow yoke.

And at that time, the West, «not knowing what it was doing», in a single mad impulse, continued to shout «Gorby! Gorby!».

In 1990, the soviet army carried out a massacre in Baku. About a hundred people were killed and more than a thousand wounded. In the same 1990s, soviet fascists continued the massacre of civilians in Dushanbe — 25 killed and 565 wounded. In 1991, on Gorbachev’s instructions, the army tried to take control of the already independent Lithuania — 15 killed and 600 wounded — in just one night in Vilnius. In Riga, five people were killed in an attempted soviet occupation rematch.

Under the crazy cries of Western politicians «Gorby! Gorby!» soviet atrocities — anti-soviet, anti-Moscow New Martyrs, fighters for the inalienable rights of their peoples to self-determination — continued to proliferate. The West continued to openly mock the victims of the criminal fascist soviet regime, who shared and died defending Western universal values. Many historians have repeatedly noted that Mikhail Gorbachev was not a democrat in reality. Gorbachev, as Secretary General of the Communist Party and then President of the USSR, desperately tried to save soviet power and communism. It was for the sake of maintaining power that he was ready to go on imitative reforms, and at the same time use military force against those who intended to liberate the country from the dictatorship of the CPSU and Moscow.

After awarding Gorbachev the Nobel Peace Prize, the political force of this prize lost all meaning, turned into a beautiful piece of paper for naive, became a kind of symbol of great international stupidity and collective psychopathic madness.

Despite the conclusions of the commissions of people’s deputies of these countries on the presence of signs of particularly serious crimes in Mikhail Gorbachev’s actions, Gorbachev during his life was not brought to just and severe criminal responsibility for these atrocities. The West continued frantically shouting «Gorby! Gorby!» symbolically inciting a new world imperialist war between Moscow and the West.

After a while, when Gorbachev’s atrocities became public knowledge, some Western politicians demanded that the Nobel Committee reconsider the decision to award Gorbachev the Nobel Peace Prize.

However, at that time, they were in the minority and under the insane cries of the majority «Gorby! Gorby!», their voices of conscience were not heard.

Natural Moscovia

After the defeat of the USSR in the Third World Cold War, Moscow did not intend to follow the principles of the Camp David Declaration: not to consider the US as a potential adversary, to conduct friendship and partnership based on mutual trust, respect and common commitment to democracy and economic freedom.

It was thanks to the Camp David Declaration that Moscow did not feel like a losing side in the Third World Cold War. Because it was not subject to the legal restrictions imposed by the international community on the belligerent aggressor state that lost the war.

Left in power since the former USSR, a corporation of special services and bandits carefully masking their revanchist plans and intentions, playing the role of democrats, under the cover of a formally democratic constitution and laws, First enriched by the bewildered West and her humble compatriots, and then began geopolitical revanchism.

Unfortunately, the advisors of the Presidents of the United States, the United Kingdom and France — the UN Security Council member-states with the right of veto, which bear special responsibility for the maintenance of world order, have not been researched at the appropriate level of the russian federation and its society.

They arrogantly and probably deliberately, against interests their  countries own and security, under the influence of the «end of history» myth of useful idiots of the West, ignored the geopolitical revenge factor of Moscow for defeating the evil empire in the 3rd World Cold War.

The next insane step on the part of the Collective West is an offer by Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan to give their nuclear potential to their existential enemy Moscow under the guarantees of territorial integrity and political sovereignty enshrined in the Budapest Memorandum, turned out to be illusory.

A year after the emergence of the new pseudo-democratic russian federation, a referendum on the status of the Republic of Tatarstan was held on March 21, 1992. On «Do you agree that the Republic of Tatarstan is a sovereign state, a subject of international law, building its relations with russia and other republics, states on the basis of equal treaties?», – 61.4% of those who voted responded positively. On May 22, the Supreme Council Resolution on the status of Tatarstan as a sovereign state was adopted. However, the way to liberate Tatarstan from Moscow’s dictatorship was.

Two Russian-Chechen wars since 1994. The Chechen Republic of Ichkeria is temporarily occupied by Moscow. In the course of the targeted genocide of the Chechen people, more than 300,000 peaceful Chechens were killed by russian-fascist invaders in the territory of Ichkeria.

The Russian-Chechen wars of the 1990s and 2000s convincingly proved to the whole world that today’s Moskovia is the worst, more dangerous and aggressive empire of evil than all its previous predecessors. But the West tried to ignore it.

Only at times, like an inflated toad, did the West inflate bubbles of concern. In parallel, Moscow participated in the Russian-Moldovan war and other wars of aggression:

— The Russian-Georgian War (08.08.2008 and on Nov. c.);

— The Russian-Ukrainian War (20.02.2014 and in Russian. c.);

— The Russian-Syrian War (2015 and the S. c.);

— military involvement of Moscow in Libya, South Sudan and the Central African Republic.

The West deliberately overlooked that at the strategic level, together with these wars, since February 20, 2014, Moscow began the Fourth World Hybrid War against the West as an act of geopolitical revenge for the defeat of the former USSR in the Third World Cold War. By continuing to buy gas, oil, and other minerals from Russia, the West itself was the main sponsor of this war against itself and its values.  Only on February 24, 2022, a full-scale invasion of Moscow in Ukraine put all things in their place with all certainty. The West has finally felt a real threat to its own existence so-called «Russia» has entered its natural state, finally removing the disguise of democracy.   Not to mention the fact that after the start of the new arms race from the side Moscow, during the last 20 years the US was unilaterally forced to withdraw from a number of international agreements — in the field of missile defense, treaties on the reduction of intermediate and shorter range missiles, open skies, Iran’s nuclear program, etc.


The Collective West and Russia (Moscow) are historical enemies, they cannot exist together on the same planet: the history of the 16-20 centuries shows that the russian empire, or its later USSR, can exist when the Collective West is fragmented, with some of the countries under russian and then soviet occupation, through the Kremlin-established collaborating puppet governments, acting with so-called «Russia» against free Western countries.

The russian federation is an illegitimate and  fascist imperialist state entity, a product of the half-life of the former USSR, a similar illegitimate and illegal imperialist state entity that emerged as a result of the 1917 state coup, without due cause, self-proclaiming as a successor state to the former USSR.

The predecessor of the modern russian federation and the disintegrating USSR, the disintegrating russian empire, a similar illegal imperialist state entity: all these imperialist entities were kept, and the modern russian federation continues on total terror, fear and violence, fascism and falsified history: from the seizure of foreign territories and the destruction of their indigenous peoples under the legend of «collecting russian lands» to the attempts to destroy Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, to the seizure of sovereign Ukrainian lands under legends «denazification» and «demilitarization».

The russian federation has colonies in its international borders and in the zones of russian occupation, in which barbaric terrorist methods it has destroyed a huge number of peoples, languages, cultures, traditions and continues its barbaric fascist experiment, by implementing a policy of total terror, genocide and ethnocide against indigenous peoples under its control, depriving them of their national identity and their inalienable rights to national identity and self-determination, forcibly turning them into an impersonal, xenophobic mass «Russian».

Because of the illegitimate creation of the russian federation has become an empire of world evil, the axis of the related dictatorial terrorist fascist regimes, which cannot be any other, it is de facto in a state of latent disintegration, and is deliberately kept on internal terror, revanchist, expansionist foreign policy of seizing foreign territories with one obvious goal — just to avoid «losing» the captured.

The Fourth World Hybrid War of Moscow against the West, is a basic integral part of russian domestic and foreign policy, without which the russian federation will lose its existence.

The US, the Collective West, Ukraine as part of the Collective West and other interested countries should:

1) undertake exhaustive efforts to liquidation so-called «Russia» after its existential defeat in the Fourth World Hybrid War as a subject of international law;

2) ensure that the crimes of russian imperialism are not repeated in the future.

In order to solve these historical problems, it is now necessary to submit to the extraordinary session of the United Nations the UN GA Draft Resolution «On the Establishment of a Special International Criminal Tribunal for the Former USSR», similar to the Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, to condemn crimes of Moscow imperialism for planning, preparation, initiation and conduct of aggressive wars by Moscow against the countries of post-soviet space, and not.

And further, the implementation of the program 7-d: deimperialization, defascisation, decommunization, denuclearization, demilitarization, deputinization and dedebilization of the post-russian space.

For now, parliaments of the Collective Western countries should continue to call things by their proper names — the practice of recognizing russia as a terrorist state and at the same time as a state sponsoring terrorism. In addition to these confessions, it is necessary to officially recognize the russian federation as a fascist state and the fact that that since 20 February 2014 russia has been waging the Fourth World Hybrid War against the Collective West as an act of geopolitical revanchism and expansionism for the defeat of the former USSR in the Third World Cold War. You just have to force yourself to fulfill your great historic mission.

The Camp David tragedy of millions, should never happen again.

Yurii Shulipa